Public Affairs 2.0

The GPI Institut

In the previous three blogs I written on the topic of using social media to organise grass roots movements to cause an impact on public policy, particularly in the setting of European Union. Well, the wave that we been riding has been a positive one and European Union is launching a Citizens Initiative from the 1st of April, this year.… Read more →

Influencing Policy Making via Social Media

Influencing policy making through Social Media requires impact of citizen support. People’s engagement in discussion on issues generates information of stakeholders and the public views on the issue. The opinion makers on Twitter are influential regarding the issue they themselves comment on. User followers indicate about the persons interests and the level of knowledge they posses regarding the issue. Number… Read more →

Public Affairs through Facebook and other Social Media

As was mentioned in the previous blog, European Parliament’s facebook page is a brilliant tool. Because it provides resource of reference to all 754 MEP social media profiles. This includes personal facebook profiles, facebook pages, and twitter accounts. The question is by how much will social media change how Public Affairs works’. If people can contact their MEP through twitter… Read more →