Influencing Policy Making via Social Media

Influencing policy making through Social Media requires impact of citizen support. People’s engagement in discussion on issues generates information of stakeholders and the public views on the issue.

The opinion makers on Twitter are influential regarding the issue they themselves comment on. User followers indicate about the persons interests and the level of knowledge they posses regarding the issue. Number of followers indicate their public exposure and potential to influence and disseminate information further.

By building Digital campaign it’s important to connect different social media channels to cause an affect, with all the interested stakeholders parties. Facebook, Twitter & Web Press Release should be at the core to the digital strategy. Youtube is part of further mix of products that come under Google+ banner, G+ should not be dismissed and its significance will grow with subsequent presidential elections in the United States & France.

Slide sharing is smart and very informative way to release information, however due to the lack of two way dialogue that is available with social media, it limits user engagement. Integrating presentation with social media sharing capabilities, will add further weight to the digital campaign.

Grander digital campaigns would require mobile video games, augmented reality experience to engage its users in higher dimensions. However this type strategy would require bigger budgets to provide deeper customer engagement and unique experience.

Implementing a thorough web monitoring systems is important to analyse and receive feedback on your campaigns results. As it provides a snapshot into views of the public and politicians. Every segment of the society can be studied on daily basis using social media. Their mood and topic of conversations provides great insight for policy making decisions, compared to contemporary methods of public mood research. Presence on the Internet allows stakeholder surveying, as any successful Public Affairs campaign should include efficient management of all the stakeholder relationships. As some PA experts say “Being ahead of the game is the currency with which we trade”

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