The Wild West Capitalism of the Social Media World

The Social Media world reflects real world, albeit in a different light. It functions in a capitalistic manner. The service provider is the mighty sovereign and its lands are too large to keep subjects under a strict control. Therefore a lot of profiteering occurs, to give you a glimpse of the kind of deals that go down I took these screenshots during one early morning.


The person in question is responsible for stealing the account below. P.O.S stand for point of sale.


@lifepost has over 1.5 m. followers on Twitter. This makes the account larger than many household brands and celebrities. The question is how active are these followers, the answer lies in statistics of number of retweets and favourites it gets. In this instance even a message of profanity received 655 retweets and 823 favourites, this might seem a bad ratio to a number of followers. However, even if the followers were purchased, this account is of value. The second question how were the followers purchased, if it’s via Twitter sponsored then it’s worth a lot more than if the followers were purchased from a third party.

I will not discuss all the details of valuing a digital asset, but I can say this, read the sovereign’s policy and terms of condition first. However, if you are still interested, it’s legit to purchase accounts as part of a business. Therefore, domaining is still where the real cowboys and pirates of the wild west and the seas reside, albeit they have became a lot more sophisticated now, some even with public trading companies to their 90’s venture name.

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