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Internet Governance

Last Tuesday, I attended an event at the European Parliament on the Internet Governance. It’s one in a series of events discussing the future of the Internet from the perspective of government. Governance of the Internet is usually divided into two parts, a technological part, from a perspective of an engineer, and a regulatory view taken from the perspective of… Read more →

The European Writer’s Council 2012 Author Rights Conference

On 4th of June, European Parliament hosted European Writers´ Council 2012 Authors´ Rights Conference on ´Striking the Right Balance between access, fair remuneration and authors´ rights´ MEP Marielle Gallo provided a welcoming and tour d´horizon. Apart from her political life as an MEP she’s also an author who feels strongly about IP protection, as well as staunch pro-ACTA supporter. She… Read more →

SHARING: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age

This upcoming Tuesday, 15th of May, Ms Amelia´s Andersdotter´s office is organising a book launch inside the European Parliament. The book ´SHARING: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age´ is written by a Net culture scholar Philippe Aigrain, with contributions from his daughter, Suzanne Aigrain. As the title of the book suggests, it describes file sharing of digital cultural… Read more →

European Parliament produced fruitful discussion on the Internet issues and in particularly ACTA

The first meeting was held on Tuesday, based on ´New forms of online advertising´, as current trademark laws are complex and impose particular burden on SME´s (Small-medium enterprises). European Commission is proposing to harmonise trademark regulations acrossEurope, between different national laws. So that small and medium size companies could take full advantage of access to the global market that the… Read more →

The GPI Institut

In the previous three blogs I written on the topic of using social media to organise grass roots movements to cause an impact on public policy, particularly in the setting of European Union. Well, the wave that we been riding has been a positive one and European Union is launching a Citizens Initiative from the 1st of April, this year.… Read more →

Public Affairs through Facebook and other Social Media

As was mentioned in the previous blog, European Parliament’s facebook page is a brilliant tool. Because it provides resource of reference to all 754 MEP social media profiles. This includes personal facebook profiles, facebook pages, and twitter accounts. The question is by how much will social media change how Public Affairs works’. If people can contact their MEP through twitter… Read more →