Lose a zero & get yourself a Hero

Proliferation of smartphones, internet and social media has enabled us to tell fascinating stories in an interactive way. We can curate our life’s and display them to our friends and people around the world as if we were superheroes, James Bond’s or superstars. Democratisation of communication enabled all of us to become a star in our own special way, within our select community of friends and followers.




In the age of television, adverts were limited to short time span. This prevented complex stories with enriched detail to create much stronger brand loyalty. However, the imagery and the world that designer Ralph Lauren created, had always inspired me. The ideas that it carries and associates with are much stronger than many other brands.




Now days with the use of social media communication we can build even more powerful imagery world. Producing videos as long in length as directors sees fit, publishing as many pictures as is required. All is done in an organised and curated manner to build a plot that will not only be interesting to watch, because of the beautiful models, clothes and scenery. But also, out of audience interest to find out how the story develops. Karl Lagerfeld, a genius designer behind Chanel has done a marvellous job with his short film.




The characters in our world can possess much deeper personalities. With an ability for two way communication with the audience in means of facebook, google+ and twitter. This allows for a costumer to have much deeper, more enriched experience with the story, brand and the characters. Fashion artist and a poet Daphne Guinness performs this brilliantly.




To create such an engaging story it will require great preplanning. The release of media content should be choreographed, potentially in the style of never ending soap. As real world events could potentially reflect the public mood in the campaign story. However, to make it a great peace of art it should not be an infinite story, but an interesting plot with great characters. Nothing should be ruled out to engage the public, campaign could include part with a video game, PR stunt that ends up in viewers daily news or just a plain ad in a magazine or television. But, most importantly all the parts must be synchronised to achieve one coherent engaging campaign story.



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