Hosting one website with two CMS systems on a single domain name

SEO expert Dan Thies has kindly provided the following checklist from the SEO perspective to keep in mind when setting up a single website and domain name but with two different CMS (content management systems)

1) Folder or subdomain, which is as much a tech question as it is an SEO question.

2) XML Sitemaps, which can be separate files but do need to be linked to the full property if you aren’t using a subdomain. Easy enough to set up.

3) Analytics views vs. separate properties. This is a semi-religious question but I prefer views because the interaction between the two parts of the site is important.

4) Obviously, all of the technical SEO work, schema, etc. has to be managed twice, that’s mostly a setup issue. Processes to add content to the site will be different between the two CMS but it’s always different by content types anyway.

Dan further added that it needs to have a much more vigorous defense of subdomains, because the Moz faith teaches believers that subdomains are bad for SEO.

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