What search engine does Amazon Alexa use?

The Amazon Alexa AI uses the Bing search engine.

Therefore when it does not understand your query, it will occasionally ping Bing search results. However, when it does understand your query for a specific product or a service, the Alexa AI predominantly uses the Amazon directory to find products.

Amazon Alexa SEO

When you make a voice purchase request, Alexa searches through several purchase options:

  • Your order history – (only Prime-eligible items)
  • Prime-eligible items

If an item is available, Alexa tells you the item name and price. Additional details about that item are available in the Alexa app. Then, Alexa asks you to confirm or cancel the order.

If Alexa can’t find the requested item or can’t complete the purchase, Alexa may offer one of these options:

  • Add item to basket on Amazon.co.uk
  • See the Alexa app for more options
There are other service directories integrated within the Alexa AI, such as Just Eat and Domino’s Pizza, but they are bespoke partnerships with Amazon.

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